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English Syllabus

Mrs. Colvin

 5th Grade English/Spelling

            Welcome to 5th grade English and spelling! We will be working weekly on writing, grammar skills, and spelling.  We will also be doing journal writing in the composition notebook throughout each week.   Spelling lessons are given every Monday, and the work will be due on Wednesdays with spelling tests on Friday. If it is a shortened week, spelling tests will be on Thursdays. If you child misses a Spelling test on Friday, the make up day will be Monday or their first day back to class. Also,  I will not accept late grades on spelling assignments.English books can be checked out at the end of the day for homework.  If the student loses the book he/she checks out, they will be responsible for replacing them.  For remote online work we will use the following programs:,, and All Covid related remote work will be uploaded by 8am the first day of the school week or Monday.


  • English Grammar Book will stay in the classroom. (Can be checked out at the end of the day for homework. Must be returned before school starts the next day.)
  • for spelling weekly worksheets and weekly tests.
  •  for grammar and mechanics.
  •  for writing assignments. Journals will be used in class for writing assignments.
  • Spelling book will be checked out to the student.
  • Grading Information:

  • Most journal assignments will receive a grade.  This is an easy grade for you to earn.
  • English tests and final drafts will count twice.
  • Each nine weeks the lowest daily assignment grade will be dropped.
  • Spelling worksheets are a daily grade; tests are a test grade.
  • -Papers that are not turned in on the due date will receive a zero.If it is turned in at a later time, 20 points will be taken from the grade. A paper may be reworked ONLY at recess in my classroom on a clean copy.  This must be completed by one week past the due date of the original page.  I will average the first score and the reworked page’s score and record the average.

    -I do not take late grades on spelling papers.They are due on Wednesday, or they will be a zero.  I encourage students to have a parent review the worksheets PRIOR to turning it in for a grade especially if they turn it in “earlier” than the due date. Begin practicing words on Monday and be ready for the test on Fridays.  If you are absent for the spelling test on Friday,  you must come in on your recess time that following Monday or the next day of your return to make it up.  Shortened weeks will result in due date adjustments.

    -You will not be allowed to return to your locker for homework.

    Sentences will be given to students for leaving any belongings in the classroom after exiting, not controlling their behaviors in the classroom and not following the rules of the handbook or the classroom.  Sentences will be given with a note for the parent to sign and return.  Every day that the student does not turn in sentences results in doubling the amount of sentences.  


  • Be in your seat BEFORE the bell rings.  Do not be running around the room.
  • Listen carefully and follow all directions.
  • Stay in your seat while the lesson is being given. 
  • Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking.  Stay seated.
  • Work quietly.  Do not disturb others around you, please.
  • Respect others and be kind with your words and actions. Respect school property.
  • Check the Makeup Board in our room when you are absent for your work.  Do not ask me before you have checked the board.
  • No Gum, Toys, or Food are allowed in the classroom. Sentences will be assigned.
  • Take all your things when you leave the room daily. Sentences will be assigned if not.
  • Make up all tests during your recess. This is ENCORE time. 
  • Discipline

    1st Offense:  Warning and counsel with me.

    2nd Offense:  Student will receive sentences to be completed AT HOME, signed by parent and returned the next school day.  Do not work on sentences in any other classroom.  These are not to be done at school.

    3rd Offense:  Parent will be notified and sentences will be assigned again (see 2nd Offense)

    4th Offense:  Parent called. Student will visit the office and receive detention of 20 min. after school on set day.

    Facts about Encore:

  • Encore is during recess.
  • To be in mandatory encore the student has an average of 59 or below in a subject or subjects.
  • The student will have encore for the whole week.
  • A letter is mailed Friday to notify parents for the next week.
  • The student will remain in encore until their average becomes a 60 or above.
  • The student is responsible for reporting to encore on time, reporting to the correct teacher, and being prepared to work to improve his/her average.
  • If a student is in encore for more than one subject, their encore times will be divided among the teachers that need to see him/her.
  • Encore can be voluntary for those students that need more help in a specific area.
  •             I am here for you.  It is my expectation that you will give me your best every day because I will be doing my best to help you learn.  I want you to be able to achieve your best; therefore do not hesitate to ask for help.  All questions, relative to the lesson, are good questions.  My conference period is from 9:10-10-10 and my email is if you have any concerns.  Let’s work together to have a great and successful school year!

    Mrs. Colvin      

    First Grade of Nine Weeks!